The Toro Palace

The Rwenzori Mountains

The Palace of the King of Toro. This imposing palace houses Toro's Royal regalia and can be viewed from Hotel Cornerstone's Western Wing.

The Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda's only snow capped mountain range, can be viewed from the comfort of your room or private balcony. On the Eastern wing you can view Booma and the housing estates of the more advantaged classes of Fort Portal.

Many tourists visiting Fort Portal do so as part of a tour to The Kibale Forest National Park where they come to view primates and chimpanzees in their natural environment.

The area east of town to the Kibale Forest is dotted with volcanic crater lakes, tea estates and stunning sceenery.

The Semliki Valley is also easily visited on a day trip from the town. The National Park is renowned as a very special location for bird enthusiasts. This beautiful forest stretches into the DR Congo and forms part of that countries great Ituri Forest. The adjacent Game Reserve of the same name offers visitors the chance to see animals more closely associated with a savannah habitat.

Uganda's largest gamepark, named after Queen Elizabeth II of England and Uganda's historcal figure King Kabalega of Bunyoro, is just 70 Kms km (an hours drive) from the peaceful atmosphere of Hotel Cornerstone. The road to the national park traverses the escapment with spectacular views and an wonderful aura to be experienced.

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